Rev. Sandy Stillman-Alvin

Years ago, while I was a seminary student, I started this blog and named it “Finding a New Normal.” Thinking then that I had lived through so many difficulties seems cute at this point. But, with great compassion, let me say that pain and suffering is not something you can quantify for comparison. Our pain and suffering deserve equal care and empathy.

Now, fast forward to this age of global pandemic, the phrase “finding a new normal” has been adopted by seemingly everyone in trying to describe life before the pandemic compared to life after the pandemic. While this is something the entire world is navigating, I believe the process of finding a new normal is very individualized and occurs over and over again throughout life. Every time we experience a big gain or a big loss, we have to re-establish a new vision of our way forward and reconfigure the co-stars of our life’s story.

Life experience has titled me as a singer/songwriter, a performer, a mother, a sales director, an executive assistant, a worship minister, a wife, a divorcée, a student of Divinity, a preacher and a gramma – pretty much in that order.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that something you read here might make you laugh, make you think, or inspire you as you continually seek to become the person God created you to be, even when all the things you thought would be around forever suddenly disappear.

My goal in ministry is to reach people who find themselves in the process of transformation – particularly in the context of loss and difficult family life situations involving addiction and mental illnesses. Check out our Facebook page for Being Made Whole Ministries and look for a retreat or upcoming seminar to join.

Leave me a note, a comment, a question. I look forward to your visit!
So, kick off your shoes. This might take a while. 😉

2 thoughts on “Rev. Sandy Stillman-Alvin”

  1. “Remember, oh man, that dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return..” Sandy points out well,
    that the easiest Christian life to live is to (only be concerned with one’s own spirituality….if one can ascertain that in a vacuum) and not be concerned with the community of believers ANYWHERE. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, that was the religious realm in which I was raised, before I met the Lord Jesus Christ OFF THE CROSS and PERSONALLY. Yes, thank God for a crucified Savior…as Paul says…he endeavors to know nothing but Jesus Christ, and Him crucified…but we know that that’s not all Paul said. He also said that he died daily…with Christ, for the sake of the Gospel.
    When the TIME OF ASHES TO ASHES occurs, as with each of us , Father will say to us… ‘What did you do with MY SON JESUS CHRIST?” Did you share
    with My people; did you communicate with the “community”. Did you show the love of God that I shed in your hearts by My Holy Spirit? Or did you hog it all to yourself, not realizing that that was NOT what pleased ME? Oh !!
    Thank you for sharing Sandy’s article with us. It sounds quite familiar to me.

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