Sandy Stillman-Alvin: Music Page

Back in 2000, Sandy published the CD titled, “Right Where You Belong” under her artist name, “Sandy Kane.” The CD features 9 tracks, eight of which are originals. Since that time, she has used the artist name, Sandy Stillman-Alvin.


Please browse the tracks, browse the live performances, and support independent artists and their music!

To download and purchase Sandy’s music, visit her Google Play artist store: Click here

Audio files: Right Where You Belong, In Your Company, You’re Not That Kind, This Time, Anywhere the Wind Blows, April Love

YouTube videos of live performances:


3 thoughts on “Sandy Stillman-Alvin: Music Page”

  1. Christmas medley with Susan Simpson accompanying in December 2011; Sandy’s version of “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” with Guitars & Friends at Nash Arts in April 2011. Group includes J.D. Joyner, Randy Davis, Daniel Walker, and Mitch Miles.


  2. I am so honored to be an owner of one of those precious CD’s mentioned above! When I listen to it, I am awed and inspired by my long-time friend and mentor, Sandy. God truly blessed her with a beautiful voice and she honors Him with her talents. Love you Sandy!


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