Telepathic communication: the latest trend?

Very often, when local and U.S. news sources seem dry or redundant, I go the BBC news online to see what our cousins “across the pond” are reporting as newsworthy. Such was the case today.

While browsing, I did run across an intriguing report. But before I share that, I’d like to make a connection to something that happened yesterday.

I go to the salon only once a quarter to get my hair professionally cut and styled. Since these visits are so far apart, my hairdresser and I usually spend around 90 minutes together. We generally talk the majority of that time, catching up on life since my last appointment.

Her big story to share with me yesterday was a recent trip to Vegas for the Redken hair show. I inquired about the show and asked her to explain what they do there. For the most part, she explained, they predict trends for the coming year and show techniques and products to support those trends. My immediate response was that, rather than predicting trends, these companies (who sponsor hair shows and similar shows) are actually setting trends due to the context of their “predictions” and the suggestibility of the market.

Later, as our time together was coming to an end, I told her I wanted to ask her something, but not too loudly: “If you were to leave this salon, would you have access to my information so that you could let me know where you are?” She replied, “Are you inside my head?” brain waves

Now, we can return to the BBC story. As part of their Future series, “Will we ever …,” today’s article is titled, “Will we ever … communicate telepathically?” It opens with the story of a man in a Harvard lab who sends a mental message to a rat, detected by electrodes and processed by a computer, causing the rat to wag his tail. There are other tales of rat-to-rat brain wave communication, facilitated by computers. The point is, it seems to be working. Of course, the looming question that accompanies these technologies is “How far will we go?”

It seems obvious to me that these efforts are not only predicting future trends, but are in fact creating future trends in technology. Where there is enough interest to invest in research of this kind, there is also a plan to implement it. If you Google the question, “What will replace the internet in the future?”, you will see predictions that brain-to-brain communication — linked by computers, of course — is the future many foresee.

Communication is hard enough as we engage our minds and bodies in an effort to say something to each other that is honest and loving and worthwhile. Can you imagine your thoughts being broadcast, filtered only by an external computer?

I suppose there are times I’ve wished someone could read my mind. As a writer, I love to share my thoughts. But, as a spiritual being, I hope my brain remains disconnected from the WorldWideBrain.

What do you think? Oh wait, I already know.

Author: ssalvin

Mother of 3, grandmother of 2; Executive Administrator by day, associate pastor by calling, worship leader by heart, singer, songwriter, blogger ... these are the hats I wear. Who I am is a woman "becoming". I appreciate the transformation process that God graciously allows us to experience and gratefully receive it!

One thought on “Telepathic communication: the latest trend?”

  1. As I believer I pray that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart and mind are acceptable to the Lord. Everthing else is up for grabs.


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